Buying a Second Dog


Do not under any circumstances leave the actual puppy and older doggie alone without supervision.

Usually put the puppy in its cage or put your citizen dog in a safe space if you are leaving the house or perhaps cannot supervise.

The elderly dog could unintentionally hurt the puppy, if the doggie pesters the older puppy too much.

Adding a young mature dog or an older canine to your household requires a much more tact along with patience as well as planning. You are going to need help with this particular one.

Step number one; the particular dogs will have to meet upon neutral ground. To do this you will require help of a friend or a relatives (not a member of your house. )

The dogs have to meet in a place your pet has never been, that will be typically the neutral territory. It can be a recreation area, a neighbor’s yard, or maybe if all else fails some sort of parking lot.

Both dogs have to be on a leash and released casually. Allow them to do all of the “doggy things, ” for example smelling each other, their position may be rigid, but for the very first meeting that is okay. But if you hear growling as well as see lip curling, smoothly move them apart.

Stay calm and do not be anxious, talk to the dogs inside a “happy voice. ”

Following a few minutes try to introduce these individuals again, but do not let them acquire too close together.

If the growling and lip curling occurs again it is a good wager that these two will not actually be friends.

Whatever you perform, do not try to force a new friendship. You will only be searching for a great deal of trouble when you have them home.

Dogs will battle and if they do not like one another, it can be disastrous for you plus the dogs.

In looking for a fresh dog (not a puppy) try to find a dog whose character matches that of your dog. In case your dog is outgoing and friendly, find it that is equally so. If the dog is quiet and delicate, do not bring home a dog that is certainly very active and frolicsome, the match more than likely will never work.

Female dogs which have been the only dog in the house appear to have a harder time adapting to a new “friend. ”

Puppies that have been socialized and get together well with other dogs come with an easier time relating to a brand-new dog in the household.

Major rules in raising the puppy is “socialize, interact socially and socialize” some more. For those who have followed that rule, including a new dog should be simpler.

Once the introductions have been built and it is time to bring the a couple of dogs home a good suggestion is definitely “do not bring them property together” in the same vehicle. Let the person who helped you actually with the introduction bring the completely new dog home.

It is a recommended procedure that when you have each dogs at home you keep all their leashes on them. It will be easier that you can keep control if you need to by having a leash to grab on to.

If the brand new dog is close throughout age to your resident doggy there is bound to be a piece of aggression going on.

You now possess a “pack, ” it will be essential for the two dogs to decide what type is going to be second in charge (you are the real leader) which decision may take some haggling.

Acceptable aggressive behavior should are a few seconds (10 –20 seconds) and may consist of some growling, lip curling, snarling, nipping and possibly pinning one of the puppies down by the neck.

Undesirable aggressive behavior would be biting to help draw blood or any of the over behaviors that last many seconds.

One of the dogs may possibly exhibit submissive behavior and also this is to be expected also. Woofing like a puppy, rolling above on its back, end between its legs, operating away from the other dog are acceptable submissive behaviors.

It might take the dogs a week or two to stay on who is the leader although that is going on DO NOT let all of them alone together unsupervised.

Place the dogs in separate places or in their crates, do not allow them be together unless you are certain they have satisfied their ranking and will go along.

The hardest thing for you will probably be following their decision particularly if your first dog is no longer often the “number one. ”

The main thing here is that you abide by their own decision no matter how hard it will likely be for you.

The number one dog has got the first treats, is first outside, is first to be fed and so forth.

Speaking of feeding, give every dog their own bowls and the own eating spot, don’t let one steal food through the other.

Expect your first doggie to go through some stress and also probably some misbehavior designs as this new addition will be unsettling to it and the dog will have to adjust.

It is up to you to anticipate these problems and take action accordingly. Remember your dog failed to ask for a new friend. It had been your idea. As the older saying goes “you manufactured your bed now rest in it. ”

It may take per month or more for a routine to determine and peace to control supreme once again in your family. If you keep the dogs aside when you are not home in order to supervise and you make the moment they spend together “fun” they will soon become buddies, maybe not “best friends, inch but close enough to relish being together.

Do not forget that you might be the LEADER, the boss best, and you run the display, and both dogs must follow your orders very first.

Do not beat, hit or perhaps use force to make a stage, be patient, stern if necessary and many of all CONSISTENT in what you happen to be asking of the dogs.

1 last point: exercise is the key to keeping your pups too tired to claim with each other. Exercise relieves their particular stress (and maybe your own. too) and tired pets behave better.

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